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A Snowy Golden Medal

By Leica Hunting Pro Philippe Jaeger At the end of January, we went to the Bajna Forestry Unit, a Hungarian hunting area lying on the former properties of the Sándor and Metternich count families about 45 km North West from Budapest, …

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Chameleons of the Desert

By Leica Hunting Pro Cole Kramer As I gazed through the crisp glass of my Geovids, I couldn’t help but think, ‘finally, I’m hunting Desert Sheep.’ The chameleons of the desert. They blend so well with their surroundings. Heat rays from …

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Fallow Deer Island

By Leica Hunting Pro Philippe Jaeger After our Croatian Mac Nab in late September, we went back to Croatia with Vlatko in order to taste something very special: stalking fallow buck the island of Cres. If nowadays we can find fallow deer in …

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