French Connection

Written by Per A. Jacobsen We had a good five days ahead of us. Five days to be spent in altitude off the shore-lines of the West Coast of the South Island – or as close to it as possible …

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A Snowy Golden Medal

By Leica Hunting Pro Philippe Jaeger At the end of January, we went to the Bajna Forestry Unit, a Hungarian hunting area lying on the former properties of the Sándor and Metternich count families about 45 km North West from Budapest, …

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Chameleons of the Desert

By Leica Hunting Pro Cole Kramer As I gazed through the crisp glass of my Geovids, I couldn’t help but think, ‘finally, I’m hunting Desert Sheep.’ The chameleons of the desert. They blend so well with their surroundings. Heat rays from …

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